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mCoin is an open-source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with decentralized applications that run on the BSC Network. mCoin Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure fully compatible and natively supports NFT and complex applications. mCoin delivers high security, unmatched availability, and is censorship resistant, publisher, or developer.

mCoin is a decentralized storage network for the creator economy.

mCoin Ecosystem

Who’s building on mCoin

The mCoin ecosystem offers a variety of products and projects developed by the community.

Learning Management System

TutorsLMS is a powerful learning platform intended for world-class training & development.

Forex & Crypto Trading Service

Trading education network of professional traders with many years of experience in modern markets.

NFT Platform

NFTs Desk is built on the Multi-blockchain and all kinds of art, videos, and music can be bought, sold, or created on the platform using mCoin.

Meta Bunny Legends

Meta Bunny Legends represent a collection of 10000 legends categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements.

Smart Trading Bots

- Cryptocurrency Automated Trading Bots are computer softwares that place and manage trades based on existing regulations.

Crypto Wallet

mCoin Wallet is dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform for the masses to secure and grow their crypto assets safely and conveniently

Smart Electronics Products

GigaSpeed is one of the leading consumer electronics and technology companies that provide their customers with electronic equipment and gadgets by using mCoin.

Own Exchange

Buying, selling, or exchanging multiple crypto currencies are possible through a cryptocurrency exchange.


Breakdown of our token recipients.


mCoin blockchain is a designed to adopt blockchain technology and serves as the foundation for a scalable and sustainable business ecosystem.

The mCoin Blockchain is built on existing, Binance blockchain innovation technologies created for achieving mass adoption from a technology perspective.

These technologies comprise the proof of authority consensus mechanism, protocols of transaction fee delegation, built-in smart contracts and meta transaction features.


The mCoin roadmap is a summary of mCoin development, which has been organized into three phases, Phase-1, Phase-2 and Phase-3. Here you will find an overview of the goals of the mCoin, as well as descriptions of the core functional components.


Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO tokens, cryptocurrencies, and a few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is mCoin?

mCoin is a utility based token based on the Binance technology that can be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in a new, blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform.

Please read the mCoin contract carefully before you begin implementing a smart contract that interacts with it. You should also read https://bscscan.com/token/0x058ad4a5d3535c81b07374221bf03aa84d32cc14 and note that tokens do NOT need to implement the items that say “SHOULD” in order to comply with the standard (but must implement items that say “MUST”). In particular, the mCoin contract was deployed before the BEP-20 spec was changed to recommend throwing on invalid transfer/transferFrom calls. Instead, it returns false, as was suggested in the spec at the time of mCoin launch: https://bscscan.com/token/0x058ad4a5d3535c81b07374221bf03aa84d32cc14

mCoin can be bought at the following exchanges

Tradebit, Arthbit, Hotbit, Dextrade, BSCScan, Metamask, PancakeSwap

mCoin has been developed with the idea of keeping every feature simple yet 100% secure for all the users. mCoin can be bought via credit and debit cards, wire transfers.

  • mCoin is a multi-utility token which can be used to buy NFTs, smart electronics, in retail industry, hospitality, health care, for crypto trading services, blockchain applications, learning management systems, utility portals, crypto wallets
  • The issuance of mCoins will enable more users to take advantage of DeFi, accelerate the development of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, and promote the growth of Ethereum-based assets.
  • mCoin’s growing use cases prove that its value has been recognized by the market.
  • The easy to use system helps the first time user to a great extent.
  • With years of experience in risk control and asset management in the blockchain industry, our team can ensure the security of users' assets.
  • mCoin can be redeemed through multiple channels as per the users’s convenience.
  • The open and transparent system allows users to check the number of mCoins issued and the assets.
  • mCoin boasts of a strong liquidity.
  • 24/7 professional customer support to sort out all your queries.

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